Our lead JigHeads are poured using a Lee Production Pot in our small shed in Galway on those stormy days when we aren't fishing.

We mainly use Do-It Style Moulds but will be expanding into different styles and sizes in the future.

Our JigHeads are un-painted but feel free to paint them to your liking.

Weights may vary slightly for each JigHead mainly due to variations in types of lead, hooks and the way we file or sand each Jig Head by hand.

The type of hook may vary batch to batch and we try to update the product description to match.

Prices may be slightly higher for hooks that are "tinned" for saltwater use as they usually cost a premium to import from the USA.

You can check out some of our JigHeads in action by checking our youtube channel Wild Atlantic Lure Fishing by visiting: Lurefishing.ie

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